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Changes needed at Route 3/Bragg intersection? page 2
Reader thinks changes need to be made at Route 3-Bragg Road intersection.

Date published: 12/17/2012

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By Scott Shenk


When the left-turn arrow cycles on at the end of the through traffic cycle for eastbound Route 3, the right-turn arrow that allows turns from the southbound Bragg Road center lane does not stay green. Since traffic is not allowed to turn right on red from the center lane, this results in right-turn traffic unnecessarily sitting while the only traffic through the intersection does not impact the right-turn flow.

--Carl Maurice, Spotsylvania

A similar question was asked earlier this year in this column and VDOT said then that it had considered making such changes to the intersection, but in the end, the agency decided it worked best the way it is. VDOT still holds that position.

VDOT's analysis found that there is heavy right-turn lane traffic at the intersection, so opening it to through traffic could lead to backups instead of alleviating traffic there.

VDOT didn't respond to concerns about the other side of the intersection, but more than a few drivers simply ignore the no-turn-on-red sign for the inside turn lane on Bragg Road and go anyway. Maybe it would be a good idea to consider changing that lane to allow turns on red.

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