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Questions about speedway persist

December 18, 2012 12:10 am

I read the article about opposition to the raceway planned in Thornburg ["Group opposes speedway move," Dec. 7]. I live in Manassas, about two miles from the Old Dominion Speedway; I bought my home new in 1988, and have enjoyed living here ever since.

I personally have not had a problem with the noise that comes from the speedway during the summer months when the races and drags occur on weekends. As mentioned, the speedway has been hemmed in by newer home developments over the years. I feel that those who complain about the noise shouldn't have bought their homes in the first place knowing full well that the speed-way is close by. They have no argument, in my opinion.

In addition, the home developer who plans to purchase the speedway property here in Manassas is going to find that he might have a hard time selling new residential units. There are many vacant lots for single-family homes in a few of the newer developments close to the speedway here. It's been that way for years. Is it because no one is buying, or that no one wants to live close to a speedway?

When this new residential project replaces Old Dominion Speedway, will the developer improve the little two-lane stretch of State Route 234 in that area? I doubt that Prince William County will; it surely didn't make any road improvements when the Jiffy Lube (formerly Nissan) Pavilion was built years ago. That place is a traffic nightmare that causes problems on Interstate 66.

I understand how the Thornburg residents who live close to the proposed new raceway feel. They were there first. They do have concerns about noise and traffic. Who will pay for road improvements if this is approved? How will this affect traffic on Interstate 95 at the Thornburg exit? We all know what traffic is like on I-95 and I-66 here in Virginia. Both of these interstates are backed up on a regular basis. Finally, who will benefit most from this new, if approved, raceway in Thornburg?

Charlie Clark


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