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D.C. 'leaders' dither while money burns

Date published: 12/18/2012

D.C. 'leaders' dither while money burns

Is everybody else as sick of hearing the words "fiscal cliff" as I am? The $17 trillion deficit debacle is akin to Nero fiddling while Rome burns! There isn't any leadership in Washington any longer--no matter what rock you look under.

Where are the Tip O'Neills, Lyndon Johnsons, and Sam Rayburns of today's generation? Such leadership is sadly lacking in 2012.

Families, presidents of corporations, and local governments can't plan for the future because they don't know what tax and deficit-reduction policy is going to be.

The retirement savings of all Americans hang in the balance while financial markets are burdened with lack of direction from D.C. The list of negatives emanating from Washington are mind-boggling when you consider what is at stake.

We voters put these people in office to get the job done. Well, just get it done! No more petty bickering, no more dueling news conferences announcing how unreasonable the people across the aisle are--we have heard enough of your petty yammering. You are tinkering with the financial reputation of our country and the futures of our grandchildren. We need the fiscal issues to be resolved--today!

Get off your duffs, members of Congress and the current administration. We elected you to make the hard decisions. Let's retire the words "fiscal cliff" and get them out of the headlines. Enough is enough!

Michael B. Goodin