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Anti-union cartoon: Wrong, wrong, wrong

Date published: 12/19/2012

I've been a loyal Free Lance-Star reader for 21 years. Your grossly misleading, anti-union editorial cartoon [Dec. 13] is the most offensive content I've seen in all that time.

Union workers made sacrifices for many years to keep Hostess afloat, only to be gouged and abandoned by managers who collected fat bonuses while employees accepted pay cuts.

No one "turned their backs" on unions in Michigan. That state's so-called right-to-work (for less) law was rammed through over the protests of thousands of rank-and-file union members.

The insinuation that organized labor killed American manufacturing is despicable. We're losing our capacity to build things because of an economic race to the bottom, fueled by a Gordon Gekko-like greed at the top.

As for the cartoon's most prevalent message--unions are all mobbed up--well, that one's too outlandish to touch, other than to say shame on you for publishing garbage.

Ironically, I went to the mailbox this morning thinking about what a pleasure it's been to read the paper every day for all these years. Then again, I'm just a union thug, so what do I know?

Jordan P. Biscardo