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Crow's Nest: Definitely a great deal!

Date published: 12/19/2012

Crow's Nest: Definitely a great deal!

I want to thank everyone who for years worked tirelessly to save Crow's Nest. To all the Johnny Mitchells, Paul Mildes, and Hal Wiggins of the world--a special thanks for saving one of Stafford's most special places.

Supervisor Susan Stimpson's statement, "Maybe this one didn't end up being a great deal for the taxpayers of Stafford County. It's obvious right now we paid a lot for land a lot of it is wetlands," was a smack in the face to Stafford residents and to all who care about Crow's Nest.

A public apology would be nice. Maybe--I don't know--she hasn't had a chance to walk or hike Crow's Nest or maybe she hasn't had a chance to quietly paddle its shoreline to see, hear and smell Crow's Nest magic.

Bill Micks