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Spotsy planners want business banners to fly page 2
Spotsylvania Planning Commission recommends loosening restrictions on business banners

Date published: 12/22/2012


Planning Commission member Scott Mellott said he thinks the proposed ordinance is easier for businesses to understand and for the county to enforce.

Commissioner Mary Lee Carter said she supports helping businesses but worried about deteriorating or fallen banners.

During the public hearing, Spotsylvania resident Rupert Farley said banners are singled out by the county for a good reason--they don't last.

"So they should get second-class status, and I think they should be kept in second-class status," Farley said.

Commissioner John Gustafson, who is a Realtor, said most of the affected business owners--such as those in strip malls--are leasing their properties from other entities. The actual owners do not want their properties deteriorating and will respond to complaints, he said.

"The government is not the best avenue to address a tattering sign," Gustafson said. "It is going back to the owner of that property and saying, 'Do you know what's going on here?'"

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