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December 24, 2012 12:10 am


Head Start

Students of the Week were Ryland Griffin, Indira Lovo-Franco, Rahim Fowler, John Mehra, Kymani Lunsford, Preston Mitchell, Donte Hyman, Lizzeth Lechuga-Angeles, Ty'Ryn Guertin, Danielle Naghshineh, Henry Ordonez-Mejia, Jaslyn Haywood-Sanchez, Angely Lopez-Figueroa, Kaitlyn Jenkins, Brittany Garcia, Carlito Lee and Brandon Lopez.

--Alice Thompson

Garrisonville Elementary

The following classes scored the most points in First in Math for the week of Nov. 19: Diane Dodge's class, Sara Guyton's class, Whitney Bowler's class, Shelby Jones' class and Veronica Childs' class. The player for the week earning the most stickers was Ella Hovey in Ms. Guyton's class.

The following students were the top runners for third, fourth and fifth grades for the Turkey Trot 1-mile run:

Third grade--Jonah Petri, Daniel Staggers, Cole Nugent, Riley Shoemaker, Camden Orr, Jerry Gonzalez, Aiden Keogh, Jackson Mercer, Spencer Drake, Conner Weathers, Jordan Hunt, Brenna Croce, Maggy Duckett, Ashlin Kenney, Caitlyn Harris, Caitlin McKevitt, Anna Hovey, Lily Guerrero, Kayla King Claure, Alex Mullen, Bella Ferreira

Fourth grade--Charles Cann, Michael Scalercio, Jack Baiamonte, Cole Singler, Jacob Edmonds, Gideon Hill, Giovanni Garibaldi, Colin Guilbault, Kevin Halpin, Megan Pikkaart, Becky Rhoden, Nia Berry, Hannah Shupe, Amanda Garcia, Skyler Osborne, Lara Nordurft, Daniella Farris, Katie Hasenecz, Jacqueline Kuzma

Fifth grade--Josh Staggers, Marcos Gonzalez, Will Patchel , Ric Anthony Molinar, Chris Jones Jr., John Trodden, Ivan Torres, Tyler Johns, Richard Weathers, Ainsley Griffin, Marina White, Ava Baugh, Amelia Milliard, Darrah Rutherford, Ella Hovey, Alexis Garciaguirre , Amber Meade, Mackenzie Schaeffer, Lailah Daniel, Allie Childress, Jai'Lyn Lugo.

-- Sally Moore

Rockhill Elementary

The following students are winners in the December WordMaster contest:

Fifth grade

First place--Jillian Brence

Second place--Matthew Mooney

Third place--Nabil Collison-Cofie and Sidney Givler

Fourth grade

First place--Alexander Sturgill

Second place--Ileana Mattison, Erin McDonald, Emily McHugh, Avalea Taylor, Daniel Taylor

Third place--Phoebe O'Kelly, Cassie Sturgill, Nicholas Woods

Third grade

First place--Madison Brewer, KatIe McShea, Elizabeth Watts

Second place--Olivia Harrington, Matthew Purcell

Third place--Brandon Hill, Kaitlyn Williams.

Fifth-grader Nabil Collison-Cofie came in first place and fourth-grader Alexander Sturgill placed second in the National Geographic Geography Bee. Other finalists included Jackson Bates, Daniel Benitez, Ells Biorn, Ethan, Molly Carter, Christian Flores, Steven Flores, Kamryn Hodge, Sarah Lazerson, Kaitlyn O'Grady, Alexander Perez, Dimitri Peterson, David Quash, Jarrett Scarborough, Alexander Sturgill, Jacob Sweeney and Christina Windsor.

The bee is coordinated by Focus teacher Peg York.

--Pat Johnston

Gayle Middle

The Knowledge Master Open (KMO) Team, a group of 18 students, competed recently in an online computer quiz similar to "Jeopardy," which included a "race against the clock" for correct answers. The team competed with students from around the world, and earned a team score high enough to place eighth in the middle school division in the state. KMO team members included Kayla Mason, Alexyss Talkington, Jacob Dean, Mazzen Shalaby, Lauren Willsey, Nathan Fulmore, Sidd Rao, Ahni Kolandjian, Blake Barnhill, Micayla Starnes, Michael Goffus, Grace Mamon, Liam Staker, Richard Yu, Soumya Gottipati, Elizabeth Barry, Paige Smith and Jarrett Holmes.

--Susan Easter

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