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Family rigs up way to keep dog going page 2
Family who's fallen on hard times comes up with another solution when their aging pet has trouble walking

 Robert Luken, 17, (left) and his father, Brian, of Spotsylvania made their dog, Charlee, a walker from recycled and donated parts. Charlee has hip and back issues and her vet had suggested they consider putting her to sleep.
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Date published: 12/29/2012


But by summer, the family was so behind in mortgage payments they took the bank up on an offer to do a short sale. They left the Saddlebrooke subdivision in southeastern Spotsylvania County where they'd lived for 22 years.

"We enjoyed it there," Brian said. "We tried to stay, we did everything we could."

They got rid of their 27-foot camper, their newer-model truck and some of their furniture. They rented a two-bedroom, one-bath home in Partlow half the size of their previous house.

"I kept telling Vicky, 'It's too small,' " Brian said.

"It's got to work," she said. "It's got to."

The couple also filed for bankruptcy.

"That was hard," Vicky said. "You work all these years and you're used to paying your bills, and then you can't do it anymore. It's a blow to your ego."

In the same breath the Lukenses described their situation, they pointed out they're luckier than many.

"There's people that have it worse than we do," Vicky said.


Charlee went on several different medications in the summer and fall when she had difficulty standing.

She seemed OK through mid-November, then she couldn't get up at all.

Brian and Robert were at the vet office the day the doctor said it might be time to consider, as Brian put it, "doggy heaven."

Both cried like babies.

Brian told himself there had to be another way.

He looked into laser treatments, but couldn't afford $250 for the basic dosage, plus more for follow-up treatments.

A friend suggested a doggy walker, and Brian looked online. The devices cost up to $600, way out of his price range.

Then, Brian saw one made from PVC pipe. He bought some at a hardware store.

His neighbor Tracy Gist offered an axle and wheels from an old grill. Vicky cut up an old sheet and sewed a sling for Charlee to rest her belly on.

Brian found a strap from a cooler and used that to hook the dog to the get-up.

"Pretty much everything is recycled off something else," Brian said.

They bought a harness and put the doggy walker to the test.

They watched as Charlee wobbled, on trembling legs, from the steps of the back deck to the grassy yard behind the house.

"As you can see, it's nothing fancy, but it works," Brian said. "It seems like it's strengthening her back legs."

Vicky added: "She's walking. She's getting some exercise."


Toby Folks is the Lukenses' neighbor from Saddlebrooke, and she's paid a lot of Charlee's vet bills. Vicky calls her "Charlee's angel."

Folks has a dog with similar problems. She couldn't believe the difference the walker made for Charlee.

"When I went to see her, I just fell apart," Folks said. "It was wonderful to see this dog walk."

The new neighbor, Gist, says the same. He was glad to donate the wheels to the project, saying, "That's what we do in Partlow; we help each other out."

He's amazed by how much each member of the Lukens family loves the dog.

The walker proves his point.

"It's ingenuity and love for the animal," he said.

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