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'You can do anything you want' page 4
Within five years, Spotsylvania County man goes from being a high school dropout to a corporate trainer with two college degrees

 The past few years have been 'like a whirlwind' for Michael Pulley, son Jackson and wife Amanda. Pulley juggled multiple jobs while pursuing two college degrees, and Jackson, 4, had surgery for a heart murmur.
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Date published: 12/29/2012


Within two years, he was promoted to manager of the Stafford store. In August 2012, he took over the facility near Spotsylvania Towne Centre and became a corporate trainer.

"He never wavered from his work," said Jay Spitler, Michael's first manager. "He was a very organized guy and he showed up on time and did what was asked of him."

When Michael trains new employees, he gives a motivational speech and mentions that he earned two college degrees while working at the store.

He doesn't usually add that he was a high school dropout, but it's not because he's still ashamed of his past.

"If I ever had an office, I would hang my GED right up there," Michael said. "Without that one, I wouldn't have been able to get the other ones."

Michael already has been accepted into the master's program at Richmond and will start classes in January.

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