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Arming teachers? An 'insane idea,' governor

Date published: 12/30/2012

Arming teachers? An 'insane idea,' governor

Regarding Gov. McDonnell's idea of arming teachers, I cannot conceive of a more insane idea.

I have been an educator for the past 65 years. Seventeen members of my family are teachers from preschool to graduate school. Even though I was a Marine in World War II and Korea, trained to use a range of weapons, I would not feel comfortable being armed in a classroom. School personnel are not trained to handle firearms effectively, nor should they be asked to do so.

The issue is a simple ban on the sale of assault weapons and large-scale cartridges. Mandate a real check on gun buyers. The Second Amendment has been so twisted that we allow all levels of destructive weapons to be sold. The bad guys are often better armed than the police. In addition, we should fund more effective mental-health programs.

I have worked with disturbed children and have taken guns from violent boys, but the average teacher is neither capable nor prepared to do so.

This is not only a bad idea, it is unworkable.

Frank B. Withrow