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Many deserve thanks for battle commemoration

Date published: 12/31/2012

Many deserve thanks for battle commemoration

As a member of the George Washington Board of Trustees, Patti and I would like to add our appreciation and congratulations to the planners of the Battle of Fredericksburg event, particularly the Battle of Fredericksburg Commemoration Committee. In addition to the many organizations acknowledged in your Dec. 16 editorial ["Grade: 150 percent"], The George Washington Foundation, steward of Washington's Boyhood Home at Ferry Farm in Stafford County, deserves recognition for its part in producing the amazing and moving historic battle re-enactment as well as several notable 150th commemorative education programs.

Several re-enactors--including a few who inspired us greatly by crossing the Rappahannock River in reproduction period pontoon boats--commented to us how unusual and special it was to be at Ferry Farm on the very spot the Civil War troops they were portraying camped. A special thank you to Tricia and Bill Garner who graciously hosted so many participants, volunteers, and community members

To all the participants and organizers, our family would like to say "job well done."

Bill and Patti Lynch