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December 31, 2012 12:11 am

Ferry Farm Elementary

Ferry Farm students, teachers and their families were treated to a wonderful Christmas- Holiday Concert by the Super Singers and Instrumental Ensembles. Music teacher Susan Montrief leads 80 Super Singers and 60 Instrumental Ensembles. The group practices once a week and perform a variety of music concerts. Super Singers and Instrumental Ensembles represent different cultures such as traditional holiday music, German xylophone pieces, African recorder/drumming and island rhythms.

--Sheri Sullivan

Garrisonville Elementary

The following classes won the First in Math flag for the week of November 26: Mary Hiles' class, Whitney Bowler's class, Diane Dodge's class, Shelby Jones' class and Sara Guyton's class. The player of the week was Joshua Staggers earning 681 stickers in one week.

The following classes were "Gotcha" winners for the first nine weeks: Paige Schuppin's class, kindergarten; Erin Lopes' class, first grade; Sheri Burns' class, second grade; Veronica Childs' class, third grade; Shelby Jones' class, fourth grade; and Beth Davenport's class, fifth grade. These classes won ice cream provided by the PTO.

--Sally Moore

Rockhill Elementary

The following are Students of the Month for "kindness": Owen Alligood, Ruby Alvarado, Ethan Anderson, Mackenzie Ayriss, Fatima Berkley, Amanda Boatwright, Robby Boyd, Ryleigh Brennan, Arabella Canter, Noah Cokelette, Abigail Cook-Robinson, Tyler Cornwell, Addison Crowley, Kealani Daniels, Mason Durant, Kael Ellison, Andrew Fadur, Darwyn-Fernandez, Jaden Figurelli, Kaylee Flores, Oscar Fuerte, Brenston Furr, Devin Garcia, Jason Garcia, Zoe Garcia, Kayla Gregory, Ahad Hai, Megan Hart, Angelina Heikell, Madison Hepburn, Ariana Hill, Kayla Ingram, Jalissa Johnson, Shyra Johnson, Jessie Kantor, Genna Karmaou, Mickey Keller, Jessica Kokphae, Izabela Lorditch-Wyer, Alyssa Lovett, Matthew Lucas, Jade Mehringer, Elizabeth Mensah, Natalie Monti, Matthew Moss, Amani Petway, Quinn Primmer, Diego Pena-Torez, Zoll Rainey, Emma Reid, Jacob Rillos, Ashley Rivera, Kayla Robison, Noah Schappell, John Scott Ruhren, Taylor Shannon, Saeda Stone, Taylor Sukert, Hannah Swenson, Capri Tagliaferri, David Taylor, Jordan Tieng, Jordan Tieng, Phillip Tinnin, Noelani Torres, Jaden Troupe, Markell Underwood, Emma Van Liew, Nicole Vinso, Abigail Waters, Jamie Wells, Abigail Wickline, Kira Williams, Ruth Wright, Ashley Wyche, Tashani Young, Dakota Zollner.

Library assistant Alba Rohlf is the PTO Employee of the Month.

--Pat Johnston

Stafford Elementary

The following students are D.A.R.E. Essay Winners: Shane Parker, Kiera Adens, Abby Francis, Emmanuel Sarfo and Leah Richardson. One hundred fifteen students graduated from the 12-week program on Dec. 19. Maj. Dave Decatur and Deputy Lawrence spoke to the students and then assisted the staff with the awarding of certificates.

--Suzie Ludwig

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