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Thanks for the recipe!

Date published: 1/1/2013

Thanks for the recipe!

During the holiday season, I now have a delicious recipe to cook up, thanks to The Free Lance-Star. The newspaper printed an easy and incredibly edible recipe for potato latkes [Dec. 8]. I find them to be scrumptious, affordable, and simple to make.

After reading the recipe, I substituted corn flour in place of the matzo meal/flour so that my husband, who is allergic to gluten, could eat as many as he wanted. After that, it was grind the potatoes and onions, mix the mix, and fry up delicious potato pancakes for the holidays.

I placed applesauce on top of the latkes, and wow! To give the latkes a creative touch I thought of yogurt for the lighter side, and using sweet potatoes to make a sweet treat.

Anna Victoria Reich