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At the edge of the cliff, dump the pork barrel

Date published: 1/1/2013

It seems apparent that President Obama and most of both political parties in Congress are selfishly looking out for their own interests and that of their parties than in doing what is best for the American people.

With the fiscal cliff looming, they should have made a deal months ago and stop carrying every major issue down to last-minute negotiations. We have seen with Obamacare what haste and lack of thoughtful planning can heap upon us. All parties involved must stop this temporary legislation, man up, and quit kicking the can down the road.

As a former businessman, I learned quickly that when budgets fail to meet projections, or revenues become sluggish, the first thing you look to are ways to cut spending, then you look for ways to grow revenues.

The president feels he has a mandate to increase taxes for the top wage earners, but, strangely, just two years ago he was against this idea. What changed? We still have high unemployment and a struggling economy. Higher tax rates discourage all activities that lead to a stronger economy.

We are now seeing legislation for disaster relief regarding Hurricane Sandy; already it's the same old Washington, adding special-interest spending that has ballooned the bill to $60.4 billion. Money for Cuba, salmon fishing in Alaska, and $200 million for the Department of Health and Human Services. Give me a break! Why include special projects that could stall legislation when people affected by this disaster are without homes and businesses need to rebuild?

It's time to dump the pork barrel, stop the partisan bickering, seriously curtail government growth and spending, start discussing term limits, and get America back to prosperity.

Maybe a midterm purge will get Washington's attention. We the people are the one's to show them we put them into office and we can also take them out!

Donald Craig