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Step up and tell the truth about Benghazi

January 3, 2013 12:10 am

Step up and tell the truth about Benghazi

America's current fiscal focus is on sequestration, the narrowly averted fiscal cliff, and the political duel Congress and the White House are engaging in. While important, all this is nowhere near as critical to the country as are the unanswered questions surrounding the Benghazi debacle.

Although the public largely remains mute, its chilling impact on this country, its diplomatic service, covert agents, and military are inescapable. It involves a habitual high-level lack of candor, dereliction of duty, and some stone-cold decisions to not only abandon four brave Americans and let them die, but to watch it all happen via live video feed for hours, apparently with hands in pockets. Executive branch delay and obstruction has frustrated resolution and is quickly metastasizing into cover-up.

The military and law enforcement live by a sacred code. Traditionally, wounded or dead comrades are never left behind. Great effort is expended to rescue stressed brethren even if more casualties result from it. This awareness is comforting to those who go in harm's way and is critical to morale. It is in the DNA of Special Forces.

When a Benghazi occurs, normally dozens of contingency plans are activated and quick-reaction assets are put it motion. Forces will execute a rescue mission unless ordered to "stand down." Important questions remain regarding who gave such orders and why.

Dozens of sworn, chain-of-command personnel know exactly what happened. Likely, many are not sleeping well, but I suspect have been muzzled by the potential for severe punishment. One such oath-taker is desperately needed to come forward and testify.

Yes, it's much to ask for and, like our Founding Fathers, one's professional life, fortune, and sacred honor will be at risk. However, by remaining silent, all who do so are complicit in this infamous act, and while not necessarily singled out for explanation and responsibility you will carry a staggering yoke of guilt for the rest of your life.

I hope and pray that these words reach you.

Bob Taubert


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