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Goforth aims to 'make a difference' page 2
Colonial beach Town Council's four incumbents re-elected; retired federal employees joins governing panel

 Wanda Goforth is the new member of the Colonial Beach Town Council.
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Date published: 1/3/2013


While serving as a facility management assistant with the National Park Service, Goforth worked on wildfires, the recovery effort after the Columbia space-shuttle disaster and the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. She said her work with the Park Service's maintenance division prepared her to handle the utilities issues of a small town.

A grandmother of two, Goforth said she tends to side with the underdog, which is why she got involved with the government employees union, why she began attending Colonial Beach council meetings and why she decided to run for council.

She said she is concerned about how the town spends its tax dollars. She said many older, longtime residents cannot afford increases in their water bills or taxes. She said they need tax relief instead.

Goforth supports developing the Potomac River boardwalk, but opposes selling town land, an opinion she has expressed at council meetings and at a candidates forum in October.

Goforth, who owns a 1934 Plymouth, organized the town's Father's Day car shows until 2011. She also helps put on country and bluegrass music events every third Saturday at the Colonial Beach Lions Club.

She thinks Colonial Beach should market itself as an arts-and-crafts town. She wants the town to attract more business and tourism, and thinks the key is for employees to be friendlier to residents and visitors.

"It's not even customer service; it's customer attitude," Goforth said.

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