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Spotsy's hiring of Cole seems like a conflict

January 4, 2013 12:10 am

Spotsy's hiring of Cole seems like a conflict

The recent decision by the Spotsylvania board of Supervisors to hire Del. Mark Cole as deputy county administrator is disturbing on many levels.

First, the Board takes the hiring of this staff member away from the county administrator and gives it to themselves. Then they receive resumes from more than 100 people and hire someone with no experience in a similar position. Then they hire someone who contributed to the campaigns of at least three board members. This seems to me a clear conflict of interests.

I do not see how Cole can carry out the responsibilities of his new job while serving as a delegate while the General Assembly is in session. Did the board think the job could be done on nights and weekends? One or both of these jobs will surely suffer.

I would hope that Del. Cole would resign as delegate so he can apply his full attention to his new job. The residents of the 88th District deserve better.

Steve Aycock


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