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K.G. board selects leaders for 2013 page 2
King George Supervisor John LoBuglio named board vice chairman as his former opponent James Howard says he'll seek re-election this fall

Date published: 1/4/2013


Petitioners who asked for Brabo to be vice chairman also wanted her appointed county representative to the Naval Support Facility Dahlgren Community Relations Council, or COMREL.

They asked, during three consecutive meetings, for Brabo to represent King George on the group of elected officials, residents and business representatives that provides input to Navy officials at Dahlgren.

Grzeika currently represents the county and has not indicated he's interested in giving up the position.

Supervisors didn't directly address the citizens' request, but did look at a list of members who serve on boards and commissions. Sisson pointed out that these types of appointments typically run the length of a supervisor's term.

"Unless there is the desire of the board to do something different, these are all set," Sisson added.

Brabo didn't drop the topic. She complained that Grzeika doesn't bring back details of what happens during executive committee meetings of COMREL, which are closed to the public.

"He just comes back and says he attended and doesn't relay any information to us as a board or to the community," she said.

Brabo said she already attends COMREL meetings that are open to the public. As the alternate representative on the board, she asked if she could also attend closed sessions, too.

"I don't want to feel like I'm overstepping my boundaries," Brabo said.

Supervisors Grzeika and Brooks suggested she would be. They said it would be unusual and inappropriate for both the primary and alternate representatives to attend meetings.

Once more, Brabo asked for Grzeika to convey more information about COMREL meetings, and there was silence in the board room.

Then, Chairman Sisson moved on to the next issue.

Also on Wednesday, the King George School Board appointed its leaders. Former vice chairman John Davis was elected chairman and Kristin Tolliver was chosen vice chairwoman.

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