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For bus drivers, bring back the class S license

January 6, 2013 12:10 am

For bus drivers, bring back the class S license

One of the problems with bus drivers leaving for other jobs is the CDL that taxpayers pay for their training, only for them to leave to drive a dump truck or something else.

As a former school bus driver, I did not have that problem: When I drove a bus we had a class S license. We trained on the bus as they do today, but our license allowed us to drive only a school bus. If we wanted to leave, we still had to pay for our CDL or the new job did.

Ads for drivers require at least two years' CDL experience, so we could not leave, because all we had was S class experience. Bring back the S class, save money, and keep the drivers we train as bus drivers not dump truck drivers. And, who changed this law? It was stupid to do so. All it does is cost more money for school systems to train and keep drivers.

Kirk Byers


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