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The 'golden crescent' must not be ignored page 2
General Assembly 2013--transportation: Del. Tom Rust: Transportation: A Solvable Problem

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Date published: 1/6/2013


A second bill that I will introduce uses many components of the first bill, adding an option that each Planning District Commission could raise money specifically for construction within that district. Any money raised in a particular district must be spent in that district and cannot be diverted to another area. Either bill, or some combination of them, will address transportation.

Without bold leadership (and with potential political backlash against the supporters), Virginia will have no money for secondary road construction by 2017 and there will be no money to have its match for federal funds. Those funds would go to other states. Federal funds at this point are a major portion of Virginia's transportation program. As the adage goes, "there is no such thing as a free lunch," and there is no free solution to our transportation crisis.

Virginia has slipped from No. 1 to No. 3 in its ranking of Best Managed states solely due to our lack of financing for infrastructure. We will continue to slip without action. Lack of infrastructure investment will result in an inability to attract new business and potential loss of existing business. Investment in transportation will create economic development and will pay for itself over time. It is estimated that construction alone will create approximately 30,000 jobs and bring an industry forward that is suffering and will continue to suffer.

These proposals will not be easy to accomplish. We need your help. Please contact your respective legislators and make them aware that you realize that we are in a transportation crisis and that it cannot be fixed without additional revenue. I welcome any and all suggestions as to how we can best solve this issue. I will work to keep Virginia prosperous and welcoming to business and tourists while improving the quality of life for our residents. We can do this by investing in transportation infrastructure now.

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Del. Tom Rust, a Republican, represents the 86th District (parts of Fairfax and Loudoun counties) in the Virginia House of Delegates.