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Horrified by death? The hypocrisy is stupefying

January 6, 2013 12:10 am

Horrified by death? The hypocrisy is stupefying

Murder is murder, whether done with a firearm or drugs and a scalpel. The millions of children who have been killed by the abortion industry with the consent of the governed cry out to be mourned as well as the children and teachers in Newtown, Conn.

If you want to "stop the violence," abortion is where it starts. The numbers are irrefutable. Many times more humans are wasted by abortion in this nation than by firearms.

My heart goes out to the survivors in Connecticut. It goes out equally to the quiet terror of the aborted child as its life is snuffed out through no fault of its own.

Who cries for them?

How can we, who like to think of ourselves as a just and compassionate people, decry and seek to ban one instrument of violence (firearms) while ignoring government-sanctioned killings of millions via medical means, and, again, the consent of some of the very same people who found the murders in Connecticut so horrifying? The hypocrisy is stupefying.

While deaths caused by firearms are a fly on the wall, media hype notwithstanding, abortion is the elephant in the room of violent deaths in our country. If abortion is OK with you, then, to my logic, nothing else matters.

Eckel Davis


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