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First Night did not live up to expectations

Date published: 1/6/2013

First Night did not live up to expectations

I am deeply disappointed at the poor management and abysmal advertising and publicity of the recent First Night celebration in Fredericksburg. Attendance was noticeably down, and no one I talked to remembered hearing or seeing any advertising about the event leading up to New Year's Eve.

With the exception of the outstanding performances of new act "Made In The USA" on the main stage, and Jim and Holly Lawrence in Picker's Supply, the entertainment was a joke: amateurish and poor quality. "The Big Social Underwear Tour"? Seriously?

We tried to enjoy the main stage entertainment, but the power (ironically on the Rappahannock Electric stage, no less) went out four times throughout the evening, mid-song. Even the event manager himself, Gary Everett was rude to workers and attendees alike, yelling and berating individuals in front of large crowds. I had expected more from the 'Burg. I was deeply disappointed.

Perhaps it's about time for fresh blood to manage First Night 2014. If nothing changes, I'm definitely not bringing my family or friends back next year.

Darryl L. Cobb