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VRE says Brooke still has parking for riders
Though the Brooke and Leeland VRE lots were both recently expanded, Leeland is already full again. So VRE is suggesting that more riders go to Brooke, where space is still available.

Date published: 1/7/2013


The Virginia Railway Express wants riders to know there is more than one commuter rail station in Stafford.

Stafford County forked out $4.4 million to expand its two VRE lots because a growing number of riders is filling them up.

Both expansions were completed recently. But so far only one of them is full.

The expanded lot on Leeland Road in southern Stafford opened in September and those new spots were quickly filled.

The Brooke Road station opened its additional 234-space section in December. There's still room available.

VRE hopes riders will consider using the Brooke station, especially if they can't find a spot in the Leeland lot.

"It is a simple 5-mile drive, the trains leave from Brooke about seven minutes later than from Leeland, and you get back to your car eight to nine minutes earlier for your return home," VRE said in its notice.

The Leeland station is at 275 Leeland Road. The Brooke station is at 1721 Brooke Road.

With about 1,500 riders, Stafford has the third-highest total of VRE riders in the commuter rail provider's service area, according to VRE statistics.

Spotsylvania has just under 1,000 VRE riders and Fredericksburg just over 300.

Fredericksburg VRE lots are constantly full.

Spotsylvania doesn't yet offer VRE parking, but will once its station in the Crossroads Business Park off the U.S. 17 bypass opens. That's scheduled to happen in late 2013.

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