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Boycott guns and the stores that sell them

Date published: 1/8/2013

As the tragedy of Newtown, Conn., unfolds we are wondering why. Where is the gun control? Answer: There is no gun control, period.

Why? Because guns are big business. What can we, the people, do about that? Answer: Boycott all gun shops, retail outlets, major stores that sell guns, weapons of any type, and ammunition. Boycott them until it hurts, in their pocketbooks and sales.

Who is to blame? Answer: The gun advocates, the lobbyists in D.C., and, statewide, the gun freaks.

Whenever a shot is fired or there is a shoot-out, their fingers are on the trigger. How can they sleep at night? Feel guilty? Good, because you are.

As long as there are guns and such weapons around, we will have a problem. It's sad to think but there will be other days when the innocent are gunned down. Our prayers are with the victims.

Joseph P. Wallace