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The gun is not responsible for its use

Date published: 1/8/2013

In the wake of Sandy Hook school shooting, there will be some who do not like this letter. It is not my intention to detract from the evil perpetrated that day, but the media are bulldozing the liberal side of the gun issue aftermath.

We must remember that it is not the gun that committed that crime. It was a person, a disturbed person. Maybe law changes are necessary but only in allowing persons with mental illness (to the level that they could be a danger) access to weapons.

Nothing that person did that day required the use of a gun. Every act committed could have been done with a claw hammer. Should we outlaw claw hammers?

My grandfather's Mauser 98 started its life as a Nazi weapon. After the war it was imported to this country and sold as a hunting rifle. He bought it and put food on his table with it. I used it to put Christmas dinner on the table for my family. This proves the gun is not responsible for its use. The man is responsible for the gun's purpose. In a Nazi's hand, it was part of the Holocaust; in my hand it provides.

I also own an assault rifle. I have used it for hunting. They easily serve dual purposes: hunting and home defense. The next time you hear a talking head or politician say no one uses an assault rifle for hunting, they are either misinformed or openly lying.

The NRA has proposed the placement of armed guards in our schools and has been blasted in the media for such a suggestion. You are OK taking your children to a bank or an airport with armed guards. Why not have trained, screened, armed guards in our schools?

Take a step back from the emotion of recent events and look at this in the light of common sense.

Vincent Smith