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Mete 'swift, harsh' justice to home invaders

Date published: 1/9/2013

In our society, it is becoming increasingly dangerous to venture out in the world. Malls, the workplace, and, tragically, our schools have become places where we can no longer feel secure. The one refuge where we could go and feel safe was our home.

Unfortunately, that is no longer true. Home invasions have risen drastically the last few years, and they are very difficult to stop. When teens feel they can break in and assault innocent homeowners, threaten them with physical harm, or worse, what can be done to deter these crimes?

Terry Adolfo Welch III faces multiple life sentences for his part in this latest in a series of home invasions he was involved in ["Teen guilty in attack on couple," Dec. 20]. As he was involved in this crime only a short time after being released from jail for other crimes, he should be considered a habitual criminal and the weight of the law should come down hard.

As Robert D. Cox III (another alleged participant in this invasion) cried for help when he was wounded by the homeowner, I hope he reflected on his actions. Maybe he learned something.

There may never be a way to end these events, as many see crime as the answer to their financial problems. The only solution is to make sure that when these criminals are caught, they face swift and harsh penalties.

Ed Kerr