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Why tilt at voter-fraud windmill, Del. Cole?

Date published: 1/9/2013

Why tilt at voter-fraud windmill, Del. Cole?

If, as Alan Branfman asserts ["Del. Cole's voter ID bill is needed," Dec. 13], the Board of Elections is so efficient in protecting us from voter fraud, why would fewer voter IDs make it more so? I challenge Branfman to produce a single case of proven voter-ID fraud in Virginia.

Specifically, which voter IDs does Del. Cole propose to "cut down" in his bill and can he show that by doing so he would protect the integrity of the system? Or is just his own speculation? If not, his bill, if passed, would only make voting in Virginia more complicated and more difficult, not more honest.

Don Quixote is alive and well and lives in Spotsylvania.

Ronald A. Apter, M.D.