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Kaiser needs to get its act together!

Date published: 1/9/2013

Kaiser needs to get its act together!

I have had Kaiser insurance for more than 20 years, and we have always received good care, until we moved from Dale City to Fredericksburg. Trying to get to our specialists took--thanks to Interstate 95--two hours each way.

That took a toll on me a s I have MS. At the beginning of 2012, I was able to get a referrals to a neurologist and an eye doctor in this area who accepted Kaiser with no problem.

Then my hubby had a heart issue that took him to Mary Washington--no problem there, all care was covered. But the cardiologist wanted a follow-up. He accepts Kaiser with referral, but Kaiser said no, my husband needed to go out to Fair Lakes or Tysons. I say, no way.

The issue seems to be that, as federal employees, we do not have the "signature plan" that allows for referral locally.

Kaiser must bring more specialists here as more federal employees are now in this area. Keep the letters rolling, and maybe, just maybe, Kaiser will get it right.

Susan Burkhardt