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Anti-abortion laws create future misery

January 10, 2013 12:10 am

Anti-abortion laws create future misery

In case you missed it, our governor has signed several new regulations on abortion clinics in our state that will surely result in some closings, or cost increases at the very least.

I'm sure many are very happy about that. Happy that lives and souls will be saved, because that happiness surely had nothing to do with concern for women's health or safety.

Some must be happy that they will be forcing women to travel farther, wait longer, pay more or perhaps be forced to bring a child into this world that may ultimately end up in someone else's hands.

Therein lies my problem. We never talk about the consequences if some had their way, of banning all abortions. There are some 1 million abortions in this country every year. Now imagine if those children were born.

Maybe thinking about that will make you smile, but then how much time would you spend actually thinking about their lives after that?

I'd always just assumed kids in foster care all had loving foster families who tucked them in every night and all was as good as it could be. That couldn't be further from the truth. Many children who can't find homes are basically warehoused with hourly shift workers rotating their care. When they turn 18 they get about $200 and are told "good luck."

While abortion is a very sad and ugly thing, the alternative could be hell on Earth for some.

Terri Robertson

King George

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