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Will lawmakers step up to mass transit?

Date published: 1/11/2013

Will lawmakers step up to mass transit?

I suppose we should be encouraged that three of five legislators wrote favorably of mass transit in the Sunday Viewpoints section ["Virginia's 'transportation cliff,'" Jan. 6]. Our representatives used to be afraid to speak the word.

Unfortunately, not one suggested the most affordable "transportation cliff" solution: major transportation reform. All five want to keep funding the same types of highway projects that got us into this mess.

Although it makes sense to maintain existing highways and bridges, new construction is another matter. Why would we want to keep shoveling tax money into the most expensive means of moving people and freight rather than develop an efficient mass-transit network?

Perhaps the next Free Lance-Star transportation Viewpoints will cast a wider net and include legislators who are tired of kicking the can down the road, and who are not afraid to speak out for a workable alternative, even if it requires radical change.

Rupert Farley