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Electronics show's been family affair for Musseys

January 12, 2013 12:10 am

EVERY January, Fredericksburg physician and cartoonist Steven Mussey keeps telling himself this International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas will be his last.

It's a New Year's resolution that's proving tough to keep.

CES, which is put on by the Consumer Electronics Association, an industry standards and trade organization based in Arlington, is a madhouse that always attracts more than 100,000 visitors from around the world. It involves long hours of many miles of walking to, from and through enormous exhibit halls and long lines for buses, monorail trains and cabs.

But Mussey is fascinated by gadgets and loves getting the first glimpse of new trends in technology. So do his son Andrew and daughter Emily.

Andrew, a software engineer, is also a blogger who has been reporting on CES live at with some contributions from his father. Steven has done satirical YouTube cartoons on the show for years at

Steven admits he may be becoming a little jaded after attending a number of shows but found this one a bit disappointing. In an email this week, he said crowds at the Las Vegas Convention Center continue to be "crushing," but this year's show has been less interesting than past ones.

"As a whole, looking at the bigger companies, there is one theme," he wrote. "The big players: LG, Sony, Samsung, etc., seemed to have taken carbon copies of each other's presentations: TV, stove, washer/dryer, refrigerator, etc. will be smart and connect to your phone, while also reading your mind to predict what you want as long as all of your appliances and devices are made by our one company."

Steven said this year that daughter Emily, a freshman at the Commonwealth Governor's School at Stafford High School, was able to fly out to Las Vegas briefly and see a little of CES and write a blog post.

He said his legs were aching from all the walking during the show. But sharing it with his son and daughter could keep him coming back for more.

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