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Spotsy and Mark Cole: The wrong hire

Date published: 1/13/2013

Spotsy and Mark Cole: The wrong hire

Hiring Mark Cole is just another example of how gooned up Spotsy is ["Spotsy board hires Cole," Dec. 12]. Let me see if I understand this: Our county supervisors hired Mark Cole to be the deputy county administrator. Mark Cole, the same guy that used to be a county supervisor, who is already an elected official representing the county at the state General Assembly, whose political action committee contributed to the campaigns of several of those who hired him, whose campaign has received money from at least one person who hired him.

Cole claims he can both work for the county and be a delegate because he is going to work nights, weekends, and telecommute. Those who have been in business long enough know this is a recipe that will leave the residents of Spotsylvania County wanting in both areas.

Bottom line: Mark Cole was hired by a gang of supervisors who have known him for years, benefited from their relationship with him, and recently changed the hiring rules so they can control the process.

Strange as it may sound, I am very fiscally and socially conservative. I don't know Mark Cole or any of the 100 plus applicants. I am confident that this is a completely legal hiring action but it is one that will give rise to the perceptions of impropriety. It is no wonder that the American public, regardless of leaning, have such little regard and respect for our elected officials. This smells like three-day old fish to me.

George M. Dallas