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Reality check: Programs and wars cost money

Date published: 1/14/2013

Reality check: Programs and wars cost money

Blame--or should it be B Lame? I have listened to a lot of speeches by liberals and conservatives. I see legitimate concerns, issues, and solutions from each group. What I don't hear is a willingness to accept any of the blame, just the blaming of someone else.

I accept that the tax increase in 1993 did help the country and even gave a great start to reducing our national debt. I also accept that during the Bush administration, money was spent with no plan to pay for the increase in spending. During this administration the so-called "Bush tax cuts" were passed. Were we being taxed too much?

We must accept that wars cost of money, Obamacare costs money, entitlement programs cost money, cost-of-living increases for Social Security and federal salaries/retirement cost money, and many other programs cost a lot of money.

The president and Congress must understand that we need to fund certain things and be willing to accept that we don't need to do everything for all the people. We citizens must quit insisting on getting more and quit complaining that we're paying too much. We have a bargain, and should appreciate that.

Roy Strawhun

Locust Grove