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Satire alert: Let's all thank a 'brinksman'

Date published: 1/14/2013

Satire alert: Let's all thank a 'brinksman'

Brinksmanship politics must end. Politicians should cooperate in a bipartisan way to get the nation's business done. But thank goodness Congress finally agreed to continue to increase the size of government, print more money, and continue to plummet into debt, the well-established, historically proven keys to a strong and rapidly growing economy with full employment. I'm already feeling stimulated.

Who are these brinksmen causing all the problems? It's those darned, racist Tea Party Republicans in the House. Gosh, we're lucky there weren't enough of them to restrain growth of government. Good RINOs like the Bush Republicans dramatically increased the size of government and look how well that worked out.

But with the debt ceiling looming, what will happen if the non-bipartisan, racist Tea Party Republican brinksmen don't agree to help the economy by increasing the size of government, printing money even faster, and plummeting us into debt even more?

The responsible media should inform the public of this danger with exaggerated hyperbole designed to create panic and distress, assuring us that these obstructionists won't be re-elected, that newspapers will sell, and the TV junkies will remain riveted to news shows. Beware the upcoming financial tsunami!

Douglas L. Miller

King George