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Date published: 1/14/2013


Head Start

Students of the Week were Arianna Mandler, Isaac Morgan, Dulce Mayorga-Castro, Jennifer Molina-Lopez, Jillian Jackson, Dylan Pinzon-Montano, Gianna Lopez, Sophia Pham, Jacob Palmertree, Tia King-McKay, Bryan Quintanilla, Iommi Kahley-Mattingly, Aurora Henderson and Javier Lopez-Mendoza.

--Alice Thompson

Falmouth Elementary

This year, Falmouth is a Bucket Filling school. Based on the book, "Have you Filled a Bucket Today?" students and staff are spreading kindness to others by filling their buckets. Each month, two Bucket Fillers from each classroom are selected based upon the Word of the Month. December's Bucket Fillers are:

Shari Comerford's class--Gabrielle McNeal and Jordan Corbin

Jacklyn Faraci's class--Joshua Butler and Sandra Garcia

Deborah Foster's class--Lyric Fravel and Alyssa Tarasoff

Audra Gulick's class--Caroline Cole and August Murray

Philip Watt's class--Christian Martinez and Marissa Pierce

Christie Cremo's class--Aaron Goshorn and Miranda Powell

Michelle Johnson's class--Lindsay Cole and Sara Morgan

Shelly Lomax's class--Truvor James and Gracelyn Taylor

Mairin Martin's class--Ty Lowery and Jessica Pedraza

Kerian Burroughs' class--Sami Hall and Roodyann Labaze

Michele Repass' class--Karlie Teague and Ky'Shawn Farrow-Johnson

Stephanie White's class--Ethnan Perrenoud and Janea Hamden

Aaron Johnson's class--Gianni Morgan and Wyatt Teague

Elena Stewart's class--Kathryn Meade and Anthony Gonzalez

Alicia White's class--Manuel Robles and Garrett Teague

Christina Zelasko's class--Jasmine Haskins and Elijah Hargrove

Nicole Brizendine's class--Hayden Kendall and Ria Saldi

Lavon Folson's class--Madison Comerford and Christian Rojas

Sara Frazier's class--Hailee Mahieu and Wayne Morgan

Elaine Noe's class--Sanie Fragata and Kristen Howard

Amy Antholzner's class--Gianna Brienza and Daniel Goodavage

Susan Johannes' class--Kalim Evelyn and Fernando Garcia

Jessica Hespen's class--Allison Lynch and Kristofor Stonesifer

John Leonard's class--Cora Hudson and Joshua Ward.

--Joanne Moyer

Garrisonville Elementary

The following students were winners in the December WordMaster Challenge winners:

Fifth grade

First place--Amelia Milliard

Second place--Patrick Salvanera

Third place--Zane Ballister, Jordan Pearson

Fourth grade

First place--Jacqueline Kuzma

Second place--Jake Orr, Matthew King

Third place--Madelyn Lane

Third grade

First place--Bella Ferreira

Second place tie--Camden Orr, Ava Lohmeyer

Third place--Peter Sullivan, Soniah Daniel, Noah Delano, Shannon Harrell.

-- Sally Moore

Rockhill Elementary

The following students were winners in the Fifth-grade Math Problem Solving Challenge for January:

First place--Alexandra Barch and Nabil Collison-Cofie

Second place--Jillian Brence, Emily Hayward and Matthew Mooney

Third place--Tyler Cornwell, Edward Ware and Caroline Watts.

--Pat Johnston

A. G. Wright Middle

The following students will attend the William and Mary Model U.N. Conference on Feb. 15-17: Brandon Williams, Ashley Staggers, Noah Hladik, Tori Cantrell, Kyleigh Driver, Isabel Valero, Payton Bailey, Justin Cherry, Riley Burzynski, Madeline Bretzing, Justin Pearson, Brad Dash, Sam Lichtman, Timmy Sharp, Madison Sparks, Hannah Kenkel, Leah Garza, Ashley Pearson, Jimmy Breland, Eric Rosales, Isabel Garibaldi, Megan Fouch, Savannah Taylor, Jayla Moore, Emily Shine, Sierra Acheson, Taggy Banghart, James Moorehead, Stephen Balani, Kaity Soholt, Ashley Hernandez.

--Summer Craig