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How much would armed guards really cost?

January 15, 2013 12:10 am

How much would armed guards really cost?

Fifty cents a day. That's what liberal gun-grabbers have deemed "too expensive" for each of us to give up in order to keep kids safe at school.

The quoted cost of two police officers in every school in the nation is supposedly $26 billion. We have 144 million taxpayers. Do the math, and that is slightly less than 50 cents per taxpayer per day.

But the gun-grabbers have not done the math. They don't want to. They throw out the "too expensive" scarecrow with abandon, hoping to derail the only tactic that will work.

They and the liberal media piled on this idea as soon as NRA representative Wayne LaPierre offered it in a news conference. The solution does not fit their decades-long ultimate goal of gun control and eventual confiscation.

There are 300 million guns in U.S., so virtually everyone in the country knows someone from whom he can borrow or steal a gun for his purposes, if he does not already own one himself.

In all likelihood, the weapons for the next five mass shootings have already been purchased, and are residing in someone's closet, under someone's bed, even in someone's gun safe where it will be retrieved and given to the shooter on a ruse of taking it plinking or coyote hunting. This renders gun-control legislation like the assault-weapons ban ineffective.

At 50 cents a day, guarding schools is something we should stop talking about and do tomorrow. I have no kids, but I'll give up 50 cents a day to keep schools safe. How about you?

Dave Head

King George

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