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Spotsy trails: Walk on page 2
Spotsy BoS should move forward with trailways plan

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Date published: 1/18/2013


"The new Heritage Trail is a wonderful and a much-needed addition to the city of Fredericksburg!" writes one resident. "In this season of thanks and gift-giving, I'd like to thank the city for planning the project and bringing it to fruition, the workers who did a fine job building it, and city taxpayers for financing it."

A runner applauds the investment "in a wonderful trail system that meanders through beautiful parts of town. The Rappahannock River is on full display and it smiles sweetly on the new trail. My run was truly wonderful, and I have everyone to thank for continually paving the way to a more runner-friendly community."

Finally, a doctor writes: "I encourage residents to take advantage of this latest addition to our city. It should give you another reason to feel good about your decision to live here. It's a no-cost, convenient, low-impact way to get some exercise. Use it on a regular basis and you'll feel better physically, feel connected to your community, and have deeper appreciation for your environment."

When it comes to trails, Spotsylvania should stay the course--retain its partnership with SGI and move forward with this life-improving regional plan.

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