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How helpful will Graph Search be? page 2
How helpful is Graph Search?

 CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks at Facebook's offices. Facebook Graph Search is undergoing beta testing.
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Date published: 1/19/2013


But it would seem that Graph Search could be a boon to local small businesses. It could be much more helpful to both consumers and businesses than the review app Yelp is, because Facebook reaches so many.

It's been suggested that Graph Search may be most useful, at least initially, in searching for pictures.

In terms of privacy, the idea of Facebook image search--or any Facebook search--may seem a little creepier than a Google search, as creepy as Google is. But we all should know what we're doing when we share pictures of ourselves in bikinis. I for one have never made that mistake. And we should know better than to post photos snapped at parties after one too many adult beverages. No comment.

Graph Search should certainly be the best when it comes to searching for pictures of cute kittens in White Oak.

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