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Fed up with bad drivers, errant forecasts page 2
Fellow drivers, errant forecasts fuel griping

Date published: 1/19/2013


One night I pulled up to the bridge on a red light and waited and waited and waited. I must have waited 10 minutes and that light would not turn green. And the longer I waited, the madder I got.

This bridge was way out in the boondocks and several times I was sorely tempted to just run that red light and head on down the road. But, being one who observes the law, I didn't. Besides, I figured it might be a trap, that some county Mountie might be hiding behind a cow shed with his ticket book in hand.

Then, another car pulled up behind me and we both waited for a couple of minutes. Finally, the other driver got out and approached my window. At first, I thought he was going to suggest that we both just run the light, but he provided me with some valuable information instead.

"You see that sign right there," he began in a very polite manner. "It says to stop AT the white line, not behind it. You're 15 feet behind the line and you're too far back to trip the light. Try moving up!"

I did what he suggested and immediately the yellow light turned on the opposite side.

I, of course, felt like an idiot, but I learned from that experience. When there is a stop line, you pull up to it. You don't go halfway through it and you don't stop 12 feet behind it.

Trying to get that little head start might cost you time and might cause someone else to have an accident.

Like I tell my kids--think!

One more gripe. With millions of dollars' worth of computer equipment at their disposal, how come weathermen can't get a forecast right?

I'm still waiting for that 75-degree weather we were promised last Sunday and for those 4 inches of snow we were sure to get Thursday.

Not a single ray of sunshine Sunday and not a single flake of snow Thursday.

Well, at least the forecasters are consistent.

Maybe it is because of those millions of dollars' worth of computer equipment that they can't get it right.

Maybe weathermen should throw those computers out the window and then look up at the sky while the computers go down.

They'd have a better chance of getting it right!

Donnie Johnston:
Email: djohnston@freelancestar.com

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