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Governor McDonnell's plan: Wrong, wrong, wrong

Date published: 1/20/2013

Here we go again: The governor again with a great idea that will cost Virginians money and pad the pockets of big business.

First, Gov. McDonnell tried to privatize liquor stores. That was a money loser. Now he wants to take away the gas tax.

I guess that would be great for gas companies. Every traveler could wait till they get to Virginia to buy gas. But every trucker and traveler would use our roads and, unless they buy a burger along the way, pay nothing to use them. What's more, the people who don't drive pay extra sales tax to fund something they don't use.

Are we as stupid as they think we are? This, again, is why we need a divided government so one political party can't screw up a state.

Dion Pfalzgraf

Locust Grove