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The guv's idea to raise the sales tax is wrong

Date published: 1/20/2013

The guv's idea to raise the sales tax is wrong

Gov. McDonnell is wrong again! Reading about the governor's plan to raise the sales tax and lower or eliminate the state tax on gas, as well as tax alternative fuels, I felt he's gone again in the wrong direction ["Governor proposes eliminating gas tax," Jan. 9].

He should do just the opposite. Raise the gas tax, waive any alternative fuel tax, and either leave the sales tax alone or reduce it. The sales tax is the most regressive tax there is, in that it hits lower-income folks much harder as a percentage of their spending money than the wealthier folks. It's just the opposite of a fair tax.

Alternative, renewable fuels are what we need. McDonnell needs to create incentives for increasing their production and use.

The governor rightfully failed in his plan to sell the state ABC stores, and he should fail in his poorly conceived plan to increase funding for our state's transportation woes.

George Beddoe