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Spend your energy on mass transit, Gov. McDonnell

 Gov. McDonnell delivers his State of the Commonwealth speech. His transportation plan abolishes the gas tax.
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Date published: 1/20/2013

I must respectfully disagree with Gov. McDonnell's plan to abolish the Virginia gas tax to somehow improve transportation in Virginia.

He could serve the residents of Virginia much better by spending some of his energy on mass transit.

I ride the VRE daily to work and curse the days when meetings or errands force me to drive on Interstate 95.

VRE is a useful system, but it's only a nice first step. Many people understand the usefulness of mass transit, and would use it if it were more readily available, yet we never hear anything from our "leaders," except ideas to get more fossil-fuel guzzlers on more roads.

Let the tourists have I-95, let residents ride in relative comfort and safety on mass transit, and kill two birds with one stone. Time on the VRE can be spent improving the mind, and less time spent idling on I-95 will improve the quality of the air we breathe.

We'll call the improved commuter rail service the "Bob McDonnell Special": Will that help?

Lucian Laurie

King George