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FLS' gun-violence advice: It doesn't work

Date published: 1/21/2013

FLS' gun-violence advice: It doesn't work

The Dec. 18 editorial, " Guns after Newtown," provided six approaches to controlling gun violence. They appear to be based on what the editorial writer found on the Internet or saw in a James Bond movie. It assumes gun-owners have Rambo fantasies.

Further, these approaches are dated. Recognized experts in economics and crime have examined each of them. The conclusions are that they do not reduce gun violence. Worse, some appear to increase the rate of violence against women.

While finding a means to end gun violence is of value, my concern is that the old approaches offer no evidence of any linkage between them and gun-violence reduction.

While I do appreciate the intent of the editorial, I suggest there would be greater value in offering a discussion by experts with differing views with a goal to end violence. Perhaps The Free Lance-Star could consider such an approach.

David Sadler