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'Compromise'? Don't make me laugh

Date published: 1/21/2013

'Compromise'? Don't make me laugh

So the "compromise" the president promised, and gullible Americans voted for, was--drum roll, please--a tax increase with virtually no spending cuts. I am all about civil debate but, at this point, if you still believe President Obama, you are incredibly uninformed, delusional, or intentionally evil. This doesn't even begin to address the moral issue of stealing your kids' money so you can have an easier life with free stuff.

Obama's adoring media have spent the last seven months talking about nothing but the tax hike (which is just how Obama wanted it). Had we raised taxes on everyone making more than $200,000, it would have paid for government spending for six days. We didn't get that much but the point is simple: Taxes were not and are not the issue: It is spending and on that we did nothing.

If the first lady followed his example, she would tackle childhood obesity by addressing the over-consumption of celery.

Bryce Thorpe