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Spotsy school failed grandpa's security test

Date published: 1/22/2013

Spotsy school failed grandpa's security test

Recently, I had the pleasure of having lunch with my granddaughter at one of Spotsylvania County's elementary schools, the name of which will remain undisclosed.

I entered an unlocked front door, went into the office, and signed in on a computer that spit out a name badge. I waited about five minutes outside the office in a chair until my granddaughter met me on the way to her lunch.

We had a great time together, lasting around 45 minutes.

My point is: There was no security, whatsoever. The front door was unlocked and unattended. No one asked for my ID. The only male (the principal) I saw passed without even looking at me. This school is located in a isolated part of the county.

It's hard to believe Spotsylvania will not wake up after what has happened in the nation during these past months. I'm willing to help pay for an armed deputy in all our schools: How about you Spotsylvania overpaid fat cats chipping in?

Do something!

Edward W. Sielski