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Coaches made wrong decision on RGIII

Date published: 1/22/2013

Coaches made wrong decision on RGIII

The gods of football just don't like Dan Snyder. This year they taunted us just enough, but the dream ended abruptly--nearly tragically. I've been a 'Skins fan since Griffith Stadium and remember the glory days as well as anyone.

Because of playoff fever and the faint whiff of the Super Bowl, I think the coaches made the wrong decision in continuing to play RGIII after his initial sprain. I know the surgery went well, but we are facing the possibility of his sitting out some or all of next season.

And it's possible he'll never return to super-human status, although RG at 85 percent is still better than most. They say they played him because he is the franchise quarterback. I say that is exactly why they should have let him watch from the sidelines.

David Jennings