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The people's legislature cramps the Obama style

January 22, 2013 12:10 am

The people's legislature cramps the Obama style

The vice president has warned us that the president intends to issue an executive order restricting the possession and sale of firearms. The Bill of Rights cannot be abridged by executive order or without amending the Constitution. Neither can the president decree new laws without signing a bill passed by both houses of Congress because dictatorial powers are not assigned to him by the Constitution.

Restricting the scope of executive orders is the responsibility of the legislative and judicial branches. If the president creates new gun laws via executive order and Congress and the courts do nothing, the order will stand, constitutional or not.

The Constitution affirms individual rights endowed by our Creator. But now we have a president who believes he is on equal or higher footing than the Creator and prone to ignoring laws he doesn't like, such a those addressing bankruptcy, immigration, and running guns to Mexican drug cartels.

He took an oath to defend the Constitution, and if he abridges or weakens the Second Amendment it will be a violation of that oath. Military and law enforcement personnel remain bound by a similar oath and shame themselves when they write in support Obama's ongoing power grab.

The Second Amendment acts as a check against any administration that would assume dictatorial powers; impossible without gun bans, registration, and confiscation. None of these unconstitutional measures would prevent mass murder, but they would achieve the president's longstanding goal of a society where people are not allowed to own guns.

The president's suspicious urgency to act by the end of the month without deliberation or debate is motivated by his burning desire to be rid of the Second Amendment. The legislative process cramps the president's style. To bypass Congress through executive orders would be to bypass the Constitution and replace the will of the people with the will of the leader. It would be a lawless act, easily accomplished with the stroke of a pen by a man who respects no limits to authority.

John Howard


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