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Prosecute government Social Security bilkers

Date published: 1/22/2013

Prosecute government Social Security bilkers

In reference to the Jan. 10 editorial "Social Insecurity": Our parents, we, and our children have paid and still pay into the Social Security system. It is the law. We do not have a choice. It is itemized on our pay stubs.

But when the government receives it, they spend it as they see fit, not as intended on Social Security. If we invest in a private retirement fund and the managers of that money spend it elsewhere, those managers would be prosecuted. It should also be a prosecutable offense with the government.

The editorial writer would be doing us a great service if he provided us with a summation of what has happened to the money that we have already paid and how that money was spent. Provide us with links to additional information like detailed reports and audits.

Democrats and Republicans have had their turn guiding our ship. Why is it only now that they have figured out that there is a problem?

Jerre Hale