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God save your king, Mr. Hudson, and our guns

Date published: 1/22/2013

Keith Hudson had some very British sentiments to share before his return to his "mothership" ["It's 'such sweet sorrow' time again, Virginia," Jan. 10].

Bits of U.S. history arose in my proudly American soul as I read his postulating about gun control for our country:

April 1775, Concord, Massachusetts: The British, attempting to control the patriots, connived a plan in which they would raid the military armory at Concord, disarm the Sons of Liberty, and stifle their determination for independence and self-preservation. The ragtag rebels smacked the British butts.

Then there was a replay during the second War of Independence in 1812. We smacked their butts twice over.

England philosophy and American philosophy are not synonymous. Our noble forefathers liberated us from British beliefs with the Declaration of Independence.

The Brits sing "God Save the King" with the lyrics "long may he reign." We wrote 27 grievances against such a government monarchy, penned a Constitution limiting and balancing powers, and instituted amendments protecting the rights of individual citizens.

That fledgling, pugnaciously independent Republic still stands 237 years later.

If disarmament is Mr. Hudson's mantra, then he definitely resides on the proper side of the pond for that sentiment. He shouldn't confuse the two shores.

Tamra Q. Jones