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We'd like to speak in Dr. Williams' behalf

January 23, 2013 12:10 am

We'd like to speak in Dr. Williams' behalf

Your headline coverage of the hearing that blasted Dr. Russell Williams was unfortunate ["State board cites Stafford physician," Jan. 15]. He has been our family's key physician for many years, and we consider his care to be exemplary.

As Dr. Williams noted at the hearing, family (primary care) physicians have a hard time making ends meet because of the numerous tests increasingly required in the prescribing of medicines.

Those tests--with more on the way thanks to the coming imposition of Obamacare rules--understandably pinch family physicians. They were already hard to find, especially for patients covered by Medicare. When our last primary-care physician left the area, it was difficult locating another who would care for us (both of us on Medicare). Dr. Williams does, cheerfully--something rare among his peers who are specialists, we have found.

We offer few opportunities for the GP to earn enough to keep serving us. Yet Dr. Williams has served us well, with personal concern and attention. His prescription writing has been considerate and precautionary, with follow-up blood tests and the like a routine part of the process.

It would be a shame if your publicizing of the one-sided hearing board's criticisms of his conduct were to result in his care being curtailed. His many concerned patients would be the losers.

Ben R. and Carole Lee Blankenship


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